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Rebuilders Automotive Supply is the exclusive buyback partner of defective Takata Airbags for the Automakers listed below. Please check our list often, as new recalls and VINs are frequently added.
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    Recall NameRecall ItemVehicle ListPrice RangeRecall Info
    Honda AirbagDriver Inflator, Passenger Inflator
    2003-08 Pilot (Driver)2002-04 Odyssey (Passenger)2003-13 Pilot (Passenger)2007-14 Fit (Passenger)2010-13 ZDX (Passenger)
    2001-07 Accord (Driver)2002-11 CR-V (Driver)2006-14 Ridgeline (Driver)2003-11 Element (Passenger)2003 CL (Driver)
    2003-06 MDX (Driver)2007-16 RDX (Driver)2009-14 Fit (Driver)2010-13 ZDX (Driver)2010-14 Insight (Driver)
    2001-11 Civic (Passenger)2002-11 CR-V (Passenger)2003-12 Accord (Passenger)2005-12 RL (Passenger)2006-14 Ridgeline (Passenger)
    2001-05 Civic (Driver)2002-04 Odyssey (Driver)2002-14 TL (Driver)2003-11 Element (Driver)2005-12 RL (Driver)
    2011-15 CR-Z (Driver)2013-16 ILX (Driver)2003-06 MDX (Passenger)2006-09 CSX (Passenger)2009-13 TSX (Passenger)
    2010-11 Accord Crosstour (Passenger)2010-12 Insight (Passenger)2012-13 Crosstour (Passenger)
    $55 - $60
    GM AirbagPassenger Inflator, Driver Inflator
    2007-08 Silverado 2500 HD (Passenger)2007-08 Silverado 3500 HD (Passenger)2008-09 Astra (Driver)2003-07 Vibe (Passenger)2005 9-2X (Passenger)
    2006-09 9-5 (Driver)2007-08 Sierra 2500 HD (Passenger)2007-08 Sierra 3500 HD (Passenger)2006-11 9-3 (Driver)
    $55 - $60
    Subaru AirbagPassenger Inflator
    2006-14 Tribeca (Passenger)2003-06 Baja (Passenger)2003-14 Legacy (Passenger)2006-13 WRX (Passenger)2009-13 Forester (Passenger)
    2003-14 Outback (Passenger)2004-14 Impreza (Passenger)2006-07 B9 Tribeca (Passenger)
    Mazda AirbagPassenger Inflator, Driver Inflator
    2004-09 B4000 (Passenger)2004-06 B3000 (Driver)2003-13 6 (Passenger)2004-06 MPV (Passenger)2004-11 RX-8 (Passenger)
    2005 B-Series (Passenger)2007-12 CX-7 (Passenger)2007-15 CX-9 (Passenger)2004-06 B4000 (Driver)2004-08 RX-8 (Driver)
    2003-08 6 (Driver)2004-06 B2300 (Driver)2005 B-Series (Driver)2004-07 B3000 (Passenger)2004-09 B2300 (Passenger)
    $55 - $60
    Toyota AirbagPassenger Inflator, Driver Inflator
    2003-06 Tundra (Passenger)2007-12 ES350 (Passenger)2010-12 GX460 (Passenger)2011-12 Sienna (Passenger)2003-12 Corolla (Passenger)
    2006-12 IS350 (Passenger)2008-12 IS F (Passenger)2002-07 Sequoia (Passenger)2002-10 SC430 (Passenger)2006-12 IS250 (Passenger)
    2004-05 RAV4 (Driver)2003-12 Matrix (Passenger)2007-12 Yaris (Passenger)2008-12 xB (Passenger)2010-12 4Runner (Passenger)
    $55 - $60
    Mitsubishi AirbagPassenger Inflator, Driver Inflator
    2006-09 Raider (Passenger)2006-09 Raider (Driver)2012 i-MiEV (Passenger)2004-07 Lancer (Passenger)
    $55 - $60
    Jaguar Land Rover AirbagPassenger Inflator
    2009-15 XF (Passenger)2013-15 XFR-S (Passenger)2007-12 Range Rover (Passenger)2010-15 XFR (Passenger)